BTL Marketing Activities & Campaigns - Activating Brands on all touch point


BTL Where Brands Meet Consumer

BTL activities or Below the Line activities allow a direct point-of-contact between you and your customers. Hence once you know what your goals are, you can get these BTL activities in marketing ongoing and achieve what you are looking for! Brand activation, for instance, is a forum that ensures you have your brand is communicated to the target audience.

Point of Purchase

Trade Marketing

Sales Promotion

Trade Promotion

Special Events

Guerilla Marketing

Direct Marketing


Brand Ambassador Program

Our credible brand ambassadors provide visibility to your brand, boosting brand awareness and ultimately sales. The brand ambassadors’ strength lies in their ability to strengthen the customer-product/service relationship and influence their own audience. Most commonly brand ambassadors promote, provide customer service, and act as general cheerleaders for your brand. Our brand ambassadors are incredible in customer service, product development, as well as general marketing strategy.

Our BA Program Expertise

Complete Coverage

Extensive Data Base of retail advisors and in-store brand ambassadors.


Our Team has Extensive experience in managing BA programs.


We have various tools and reporting system for BA Program.

Long Term

Our BA culture& Environment make BA's happy and stay long.

Brand Ambassador -

BA profiling
on the basis of Customer Experience & effective selling records with complete details. Client specific BA database for quick hire

BA Training
with Brands + Grooming + Effective Selling + Flagship IS other courses like Customer Care + Communication and Sales.

BA Flagship IS
Tertiary Sales, SLOBS vs OSA, Tester tracking, Attendance, Stock SKU. Look of Success, Communicate the Brand main purpose.

Data Analytics
Effective, Actionable, Real Time available across different device platforms with all the data in GUI Friendly & Print Friendly formats.


BA on ActiveSharks headcount and HR management, the client does not need to worry about any kind of extra resource hiring for their BA Program.

Transparent, timely and legally complaints payroll and benefits that will be shared with the client before and after completion of the project.

Quick hire solution with Client dedicated BA database as per agreed profile, test and all the necessary things can be done on our end.

On-ground account management structure to ensure ActiveSharks delivery on BA metrics profile, discipline, transport, uniforms, etc

Periodic calendar focused on Sales – Brands – Grooming – Communication – Customer Support – Customer Care

We have 6 monthly reward and recognition system to build BA ownership of Client

Our Quality & Recruitment Process

strong current vendor managed mass staffing database
Will be tailored to Client BA profile constantly updated
Existing Quick Hire solution experienced in sales and BA staff hiring

Complete Control & Monitoring System

GPS TAG home and shops, Complete Control on Movement and Tracking with map coordinates update.

Complete Monitoring with warning system that remind and take actions like, salary cuts, Leave Deduction & etc.

Our Training and Development System

In House Training

In House Training Facility to train on all the client given requirements.

Preodic Trainings

Training calendar as per agreed metrics can be deployed.

Uptodate Programs

Calendar caters to training needs of new hires + periodic refresher for existing staff


Attendence System
Time in/out Report
Geo Maping
Interception Timing
Consumer Data Collection
Tertiary Sales System

BA Login with Attendance and Location
The Brand Ambassador will be able mark his attendance, break time, short interval & etc for the current day.The Application will record the time and location coordinates of the BA.

Customer Data Collection System

data capture-mobile

The Brand Ambassador will be able to choose the Potential level of the customer, then collect the data, insert custom fields, Choice of Brand and Products, If existing user or new user. This will greatly help in figuring our your consumer market insight.

Range, SKU & Tertiary Sales

Productive System

A Complete Solution for Brands to Calculate every thing second by second.

Potention Level

By Selecting Potential level BA can select range of products, multiple items with in single selection, Already added items or selected items can be edited or deleted, Offline support when ever the device connect to the internet it sync all the data.

Shelf Inventry

On shelf inventory can easily be maintained & managed by BA, in many different formats.

Inventry Data Collection

BA will note the day start inventory and then apply for restock inventory to update clients within seconds about the inventory situation.

Reports & Analytics

One stop Dashboard that tells every thing, inventory, BA attendance, BA performance, BA data, Customer Data, Graphical Data Representation, Individual BA Performance, Collective Performance Record, Out of Stock Items, SKU records, Store Wise Data, Store Data Collection, Custom Required Fields.

Few Benefits of Our BA Program and Technology

Our System
  • Live Data – Real time Records
  • Automated Application/BA feedbacks
  • Brand Ambassador’s tracking & Auditing
  • Offline support
  • Tertiary sales
  • Deliver Custom content on the system, new video, data, pictures.
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Design Reports
  • Live Real time reports
  • 24/7 remote


It was shaped like a chair and sparkled with gems, as did everything else. In the center of the chair was an enormous Head, without a body to support it or any arms or legs whatever.

“Best dealing, educated BA, complete records and all the corporation was out of the world.“

“Incredibly fast, affordable and unique. The idea to measure even the tiniest detail make this BA program really stand out of competition.“