We help brands understand their own objectives and groom brand culture

We deliver series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something

We offer customized Creativity Workshops in Business, Training, Events and Keynotes for corporations and small businesses. We are known for getting participants to do creative work rather than sitting and listening to experts talk about it. Our On-Site creativity training programs come in many formats. They can run as short as 2 hours to as long as several days.

Events Organizing

Corporate Identity Development

PR & Communication

Creative Skills

Business Development

Brand Culture

Marketing & Sales

Insightful Skills

Creativity is required to succeed in work ranging from broad strategic thinking to troubleshooting tactical problems. We believe people are by nature creative and that in the right atmosphere and with the right creative training and tools everyone can tap into this inherent talent. Workshops and Events are custom designed to fit specific business purposes and formats. The On-Site Workshop can be conducted in an independent format (stand-alone basis) or in an integrated format (as part of a broader business program, event or conference).


Courses and Classes design to train complete range of employees from entry level to top ranks.

Work Shops

seminar, discussion group, or a similar event where knowledge, skills, and competencies can be provided to employees

Culture Development

Training specially design to engrave and push out the brand culture with in employees reflecting towards consumers.


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